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What is Broadway Bodies?

If you've ever seen a dance routine in a music video or a musical and thought to yourself, 'I wish I could do that dance,' then Broadway Bodies is your answer!

Broadway Bodies is a high-impact, dance cardio workout to your favorite Show Tunes, Movie Musicals, and Pop Videos. Incorporating basic and challenging dance movements (choreography) with high impact aerobics, Broadway Bodies is a fun and exciting cardio class that encourages you to sing a long while you sweat. » Find out More

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    • Updated Class Schedule!!!

      Monday from 7:30-8:30pm in West Hollywood

      Tuesday from 7:00-8:00pm in North Hollywood

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    • Broadway Bodies featured in the LA TIMES!!
    • Broadway Bodies on KTLA 5 Morning news with Allie Mac Kay!

    What people are saying

    'I used to take class in NY and I'm so excited it's here in LA. I don't want NY to be mad at me, but it's almost better here. It's so much fun, the class is great, it's a great group of people. So come to Broadway Bodies!'

    -Neil Cohen

    'I moved to LA a little over a year ago, and in the time I've been here, I couldn’t find a class that was as much fun and such a great workout as Broadway Bodies. I missed those classes and am so excited that you are now in West Hollywood!'

    -Sheree Shu

    'I had so much fun. The instructor is very good -- he made me feel that it's okay to make mistakes. I never enjoyed a dance class as much as Broadway Bodies.'

    - Jose-Luis R.

    'I am so excited Broadway Bodies (my favorite NYC dance workout class) has followed me out to LA. I am dusting off my dancing shoes and will be at your awesome classes.'

    - Illana

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